About Project Funding

We have direct access to HNI, private bankers, Venture capitalists, non-traditional, global funding sources with the capability of providing project funding or business funding.

The key sectors we prefer to focus on include the following:

• Green Energy Projects

• Solar Energy

• Real State & Housing Projects

• Hotels & Resort Development

• Import-Export Global Trading

• Telecommunication Industry

• Hydropower

• Software Development

• Oil & Gas Energy

• Metal and mining

• Infrastructure Development

• Shipping and Logistics

• Refinery and Mills

• Transportation

• Food and beverages


Our funding resources require a proper submission protocol that must be followed for successful and timely funding.

To get started we will need below…

1) Executive Summary

2) Business Plan

3) Drawdown Schedule

4) If Any Govt JV or Support

Please show in the Executive Summary the number of funds available to the client for this funding transaction.

Project Funding For Startup or Business | FinancialDealz
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