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About Financial Solution

International Trade Facilities - Commercial Letter of Credit and Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC). We offer international trade facilities for importers and exporters for importers and exporter's worldwide. The Letter of credit or DLC are normally for short term pre-shipment credit or packing credit limits

Proof of Funds:

The proof of funds is defined as a financial capacity and or cash asset that shows a party has the capability and funds to complete their side of the transaction. This financial document is most often provided in the form of a bank, security, or custody document specific to the transaction in question.

Many types of fund capacity available today in financial world are..

• RWA Letter

• Bank Comfort Letter

• Blocked Funds Letter

• MT799 Pre Advice/POF

• SBLC MT760 Block/Guarantee of Funds

• Verification of Deposit

• Account Statement/Tear Sheet

• Bank to Bank Verification

• Performance Bond

Disclosure When paid for Proof of Funds services:

Disclosure of the origin of funds may or may not be a requirement. However, it is the borrower'sresponsibility to disclose the nature of the origin of funds to third parties. Most Proof of Funds providers do not get involved in the transaction directly or even indirectly. Their involvement is simple that they want to ensure the borrower client does not have a clean, non criminal history.

And that the borrower party will be using their assets legally for trade finance and will ensure the asset will be returned unencumbered and free of liens or restrictions come time the lease funds agreement is expired. All the involved parties are simply seeking to comply with general Patriot Act law to ensure money laundering and monies of criminal origin do not find their way into the deal.