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About Dplc Funding


In short DPLC Financing or DPLC funding is a type of commercial funding with long term repayment period usually between 20 to 30 years for long term projects. The purpose of a Direct Pay Letter of Credit is to reduce the aggregate cost of funding on long term financial needs of the project. DPLC funding is usually a good option for project funding whose ROI does not start in early phase of the project such as construction of road highways, DAM or Mining Projects. This nature of funding is also called structured finance. In structure financial solutions helps project funding through transfer of risk by way of collateralizing & securitization of credit facilities.

DPLC Funding Process & Guidelines:

This funding platform is available to only well established (or very experienced promotors) who meet the following criteria:

• Min loan size for consideration is $25m USD.

• Since this is a US based funding guarantee, the Applicant’s local bank in their jurisdiction must have a corresponding bank in the United States.

• No blacklisted jurisdictions.

• Readiness to relinquish equity stake of up to 40% ownership


• Maximum term of 20 years available.

• Maximum project size - IN USD 25 Million up to 2 Billion.

• Interest rate is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and is from as low as 4-7%..

• Promoter must has skin in the game with at least 10% of CASH on hand of the total borrowing value.

• Your local bank must be involved in every step of the funding process and must issue Guarantee of principle amount plus interest to the US Lender.

Information Required for Each Project:

• Business Plan / Executive Summary.

• Financial Forecasts and Promoter's CV.

• Relevant permits and permissions from Authorities.

• Existing marketing materials and end product's demand projections.

• Evidence of past projects or past performances.

• Reference letter from your local bank, law firm or CPA.

• Company documents including certificate of incorporation.

• Certificate of good standing.

Some projects where DPLC funding is used are - Infrastructure projects

• Hotel or Resort Operators who want to take an asset off their balance sheet.

• Waste Recycling projects.

• Renewable energy.

• Commercial building or Housing Projects.

• Road Infrastructure – Toll Ways.

• DAM, SOLAR ENERGY , Wind Power projects

Our Service fees are 2% of the funding upon successful funding only.