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Our mission is to serve as a trusted advisor and partner to corporate clients in their funding needs – be it short-term or long-term. We are here to assist through all the financial challenges that most growing enterprises are facing today.

Our team will advise and present a financial solution based on diversified products from a network of providers and lenders as a means for you to realize your immediate needs. Our Service consists of advisory services in energy, infrastructure, real estate, and internet media and mainly trade business activities.

Through the global networks of our principals and advisors, we have access to a wide range of financial services

How can we help you?


International Trade Facilities – Commercial Letter of Credit and Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC). We offer international trade facilities for importers and exporters for importers and exporters worldwide.


Many Importer / Exporter parties are confused between Sight LC and time letter of credit. Although both require certain documents, and both are common practice within the import & Export trade....


We work with Financial Providers who can provide cash against bank instruments. We are able to arrange monetizing against financial instruments listed below. Click here to Know more.


The proof of funds is defined as a financial capacity and or cash asset that shows a party has the capability and funds to complete their side of the transaction.


We have direct access to HNI, private bankers, Venture capitalists, non-traditional, global funding sources with the capability of providing project funding or business funding.


Our expert team work close with clients for structuring and presentation of business model to VCs. The team works closely with the founders and managers of promising ventures to create successful, high-value businesses.

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